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Passive Metrics is a brand tracking tool. We collect data for social networks over time and display it in a meaningful way. Curated and meaningful data allows you to make better decisions.

We currently support metrics for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You can passively track your likes or followers over time. We also show you other key demographic data like location and gender.

Passive Metrics offers limited features for free, but you can also upgrade your account to view multiple social networks on a single account, see a larger history of your data, or see metrics about your website. For more information, please visit our pricing page.

Track Key Metrics

Example of a Passive Metrics graph

Plans and Pricing




Follower and/or Like Trend History Yes Yes Yes
Basic Network Specific Dashboard Panels Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Network Specific Dashboard Panels No No Yes
Multiple Social Networks on a Single Dashboard No Yes Yes
Available History 1 Month 12 Months Unlimited
Measurment Frequency Daily Hourly 10 Minutes
Free forever $27.00 / Month $57.00 / Month
Start Now Start Now

Trial Month for $1.00

Start Now

Trial Month for $7.00

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We understand that you might have questions about the features above and want to make sure all of them ar answered. We have a help form for just those kinds of questions.

Want access to our API?

Contact us if you're interested in using our API to track and analyze any data we have on social media accounts and content.